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Trapped in debt, refugee crises in 2015, will Greece have another volatile year?


In the final stretch of a turbulent year trapped in acute double crises, the five-year debt issue and the escalating refugee crisis as of early 2015, more hard work seems to be awaiting Greece in 2016.

UN chief's Mideast visit not helpful enough to defuse Israel-Palestine tensions


​While UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon's recent surprise visit to Israel and Palestine would be helpful to boost global attention to the Palestinian cause in the war-torn Middle East, real solutions to the calm the tensions between the two conflicting sides are still sadly distant, local official and expert said.

Turkey falls victim to terrorism due to double-standard policy


​Two deadly blasts rocking the Turkish capital of Ankara last saturday are a reminder that a country pursuing a double-standard policy on terrorism will eventually make itself a victim of terror attacks.

West-led Color Revolution backfires as refugee crisis worsens


The West-led "Color Revolution" in the Middle East has not only failed to bring peace and stability to the region, but has also eventually backfired as Europe is now struggling to deal with the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Turkey feels blowback from surge of terror in its neighbors


​In the deadly terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 95 people on Saturday in the Turkish capital, analysts see the effect of the fallout from surge of violence and terrorism in Syria and Iraq, both neighbors to Turkey.

Italy pushing hard for European jobless insurance plan


​Italy is pushing for a European Union unemployment insurance scheme that will spread the cost of protecting Europe's unemployed from economic crisis and deepening ties between the 19 European states that use the euro currency.

Success of Hillary Clinton's bid to revamp image in presidential race remains uncertain


​U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton aims to revamp her image in a bid to go from a stiff politician to one who can relate to voters, but it remains uncertain how successful her bid will be.

Opinions split on Trump's chance to clinch Republican nomination for White House race


​Just a few months ago, U.S. billionaire mogul Donald Trump was dismissed by critics on both sides of the isle when he announced his bid for Republican Party (GOP) nomination for the 2016 presidential elections. But now, opinions are split on if he can clinch the nomination.

Americans still know little about Republican candidates' policies, even after 2nd debate


​Despite the fact that U.S. Republicans have already had two nationally televised debates, Americans still know very little about their policies, as the candidates have stuck to vague generalities and canned talking points, experts said.

U.S. slammed for intervention in Philippine affairs in guise of military partnership


​A respected Filipino political analyst and a militant group have slammed the Philippine-U.S. military partnership, saying that this is a blatant infringement of the country's sovereignty and independence.