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Vision, wisdom needed to maintain steady development of China-U.S. relationship


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi concluded a crucial visit to the United States Thursday, with a strong call for maintaining steady development of the China-U.S. relationship with vision and wisdom.

U.S. recession in sight, if not in place


When American households still have vivid memories of struggling to make their ends meet in the worst financial crisis in decades, a new recession is seemingly around the corner.

The U.S. needs to respect the ASEAN principle of centrality


The United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on Tuesday issued a joint statement following a special leaders summit in California, outlining key principles that they say will guide their cooperation.

Syrian situation threatens to spin out of control


Although peace and stability remain possible for Syria, its internal crisis is on the brink of escalating into a regional conflict and even getting completely out of control, as Turkey's and Saudi Arabia's plans to send ground forces may cause further turbulence.

GOP in urgent need to winnow establishment candidates


​For Republican Party establishment unnerved by Donald Trump's thumping victory on Tuesday night, the question of which candidate from the establishment camp will be the next to drop out becomes increasingly relevant.

China-U.S. cooperation crucial: experts


​China-U.S. cooperation on various bilateral, regional and global issues is crucial at a time of unprecedented global political and economic shifts, a panel of top experts said Thursday.

Obama's U.S.-centric thinking out of date


After the signing of the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal among 12 Asia-Pacific states, U.S. President Barack Obama revealed a rather arrogant and outdated U.S.-centric mode of thinking.

Why Renzi stresses bigger role for Italy in EU decision-making


Days after Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi declared he wanted his country to join Germany and France as a central decision maker in the European Union (EU), his remarks are resonating with the public even if it is not clear if they will have the desired impact among EU policy players.

Opposition arrives in Geneva while uncertainty for new intra-Syrian talks remains


A delegation from Syria's main opposition group is now here in Geneva to join a major international efforts to broke peace talks for the country, but the uncertainty of the just-started UN-mediated intra-Syrian talks still remain.

Milan has greatest appeal in Italy for int'l investments in real estate


A number of historic buildings have attracted foreign investments in business capital Milan on the strength of low rates, international liquidity and structural reforms on the way in Italy.