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Greece-EU face-off in bailout talks darkens future of eurozone


The current face-off between Greece and the European Union (EU) in bailout talks has cast a shadow over the future of the eurozone, after leaders of the European single currency member states failed to reach a deal on the Greek debt crisis.

Assassination of Egypt's top prosecutor meant to intimidate judges and weaken judiciary


​The assassination of Egypt's top prosecutor Hesham Barakat in a car bomb on Monday is meant by extremists to intimidate the country's court system that is currently reviewing hundreds of cases and holding mass trials for self-proclaimed Islamists and members and loyalists of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.

Muslims, their religion should not take blame for terrorists' crimes


While terror attacks in three different parts of the world on Friday highlight the grave danger the world is facing now, some Western media's bias against Muslims is equally dangerous because such prejudice can only ferment hatred and polarization.

Recent rifts between Italy, France unlikely to damage relations, but could pose other risks


​In the space of a few days, Italy and France have faced off over the fate of refugees camped at their border and a minister's comments over a beloved Italian snack food. Experts are divided over how significant the developments will prove to be.

Council of Europe must act so that definition of Islamophobia can be found


​"The fight against Islamophobia which is ravaging Europe necessarily must pass by way of a legal definition and the creation of a legal arsenal at the European scale," pleaded Wednesday, in Strasbourg, at the Council of Europe (CoE), the association Organization Racism Islamophobia Watch (ORIW), raising an issue that stirs up polemics among the political ranks as much as within activist associations.

While IS becomes more dangerous, critics say U.S. plan is failing


​Terror group Islamic State (IS) is becoming more dangerous than ever, radicalizing a growing number of followers over the Internet and having access to radioactive material, but the White House's plan to defeat it is being blasted as weak.

"Culture wars" hits a nerve with divides in Israeli society


​What has become known as the "culture wars" in Israel has sparked controversy and debate in Israeli society one month into the rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rightwing government.

After black church massacre, symbol of racial hatred stirs up emotion


Though seen by many Americans as a symbol of racial hatred, the Confederate battle flag has been flying high over grounds of the South Carolina State House for years.

Italy watches closely as Greek negotiations come to a head


​All of Europe is looking on with eyes wide open as efforts to renegotiate Greek's massive debt to European creditors come to a head at the emergency summit. But the view from Italy is a little different.

What Putin reveals in his St. Petersburg speech


Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday delivered a speech at the plenary session of the 19th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.