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News Analysis: U.S.-Cuba ties improve, obstacles remain, says expert


​Nearly a year since Cuba and the United States formally restored diplomatic ties, the two former adversaries have inched closer to establishing a normal relationship.

Time for Washington to self-question its Asia-Pacific policy


In the countdown to a farewell to the White House and prior to perhaps his last visit to Asia as a sitting U.S. president, Barack Obama should reflect upon his policies that failed to contribute to regional peace and stability.

US-Vietnamese reconciliation: alliance of convenience against China


On July 7, 2015 at the White House, Barack Obama met with Nguyen Phu Trong and pledged to make his first visit to Vietnam “sometime in the future (Nakamura, 2015).” It was the first time a general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) had visited the US, which was supposed to be a step of significant progress towards the reconciliation of the two former enemies.

G7 should not complicate South China Sea issue


A statement on the South China Sea issued after the Hiroshima G7 foreign ministers' meeting on Monday appears to be yet another move by outsiders to fuel militarization of the region.

General Assembly's move on picking new UN chief historic, yet not decisive


Starting next Tuesday, all the current eight candidates will speak one by one at an open hearing of the UN General Assembly to shed light on why they are seeking to become the next UN secretary-general.

Eliminating root causes of terrorism indispensable to nuclear security


As world leaders grapple with intensified nuclear security threats, they should not be distracted by the immediate urgency of safeguarding nuclear facilities and slack off in addressing the fundamental problem of terrorism.

Obama's visit won't change Cuba's reality: expert


U.S. President Barack Obama's historic visit to Cuba has not produced concrete results as Havana has made it clear that it won't change its political system for the sake of normal relations with Washington, an expert has told Xinhua.

With historic Cuba visit, Obama eyes legacy, Latin America


​U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday wrapped up a historic visit to Cuba that opened a new chapter in bilateral ties, but also laid bare lingering impediments to a full-fledged thaw between the former Cold War rivals.

U.S., Philippine military deployment in South China Sea to disturb regional stability


​China on Monday slammed the United States and the Philippines for increasing their military presence in the South China Sea, as the Southeast Asian country announced plans to give the U.S. access to five bases.

Running for White House, or "Running for Governor"?


More than 150 years ago, celebrated American novelist Mark Twain vividly depicted the chaotic phenomena in the U.S. elections that candidates turn into "infamous perjurer," "the Montana Thief," "the Body-Snatcher," "Mr. Delirium Tremens," "the Filthy Corruptionist" and "the Loathsome Embracer" overnight.