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North America

Train-bus collision kills four people in Mississippi

Xinhua News Agency | Tue,2017-03-07

 Local Police said that four people were killed after a train collided with a bus Tuesday in the U.S. southern state of Mississippi.
  The fatal collision took place in the town of Biloxi, where witnesses said the bus, carrying around 50 mostly senior citizens, appeared to have been stuck on the rail tracks before being hit by the eastbound train.
  Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said the reason the bus had stopped on the tracks were yet unknown.
  The victims have been taken to a nearby hospital by emergency responders, local authorities said.  
  The incident was not the first to have taken place at the crossing. A soft drink delivery truck was hit by the train at the same location two months earlier, but fortunately hurting no one, local media WLOX reported.
  "You simply got to pay attention to those crossing grade signs where it tells you not to cross if you got a larger vehicle. There are several times when we've had limousines stuck on these tracks at these types of grades," Brian Dykes of the Biloxi Police Department was cited by WLOX as saying.