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800 Camden homes evacuated after Grenfell fire


Camden Council have begun evacuating 800 households from five tower blocks amid fire safety concerns.

None of royals wants to be king or queen, says Prince Harry


Queen Elizabeth's bachelor grandson Prince Harry caused a stir Thursday by saying no members of the British royal family want to be the king or queen.

Over 400 migrants rescued at sea in Spain in past week


Over 400 migrants have been rescued at sea off the coast of southern Spain in the past week, rescue services said Thursday.

Brexit: EU citizens offered 'UK settled status' by PM May


EU citizens legally resident in the UK should have the same rights as British citizens after Brexit, the UK prime minister has told EU leaders.

May announces new counter-extremism commission


The British Parliament is back to business as Queen Elizabeth II opened a new legislative session and laid out an agenda for the nation’s future.

'Day of Rage' protests hit London during queen's speech


Far-left protest organizers are being accused of exploiting the Grenfell Tower catastrophe for political purposes, calling for a government shut down and Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation. Organizers of the protest included a man convicted in the assault of then-Conservative Party Chairman Brian Mawhinney in 1995.

Queen Elizabeth outlines new gov't bills to pave way for Brexit


Queen Elizabeth outlined a two-year government program of laws and measures at the state opening of the British Parliament Wednesday.

Brazilian police accuse Temer of receiving bribes


Brazil's federal police Tuesday said there was solid evidence embattled President Michel Temer received bribes, a legal development that could see him suspended from office.

EU reiterates support for Paris agreement


The European Union (EU) reaffirmed Monday its support for Paris agreement on climate change when its Foreign Affairs Council convened in Luxembourg.

Portugal forest fire: 12 survive by hiding in a water tank


​Twelve people survived one of Portugal's deadliest fires by seeking refuge in a water tank after access to their village was cut off by the blaze.