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APD Columns

APD Campus Reporters | Behind the prosperity, another life in Hong Kong: low-end globalization in Chungking Mansions

By examining the complicated relationship between migrants from developing societies and their economic activities, Gordon Mathews has defined Chungking Mansions as a ghetto located within the golden mile in Tsim Sha Tsui. The “ghetto” refers that it is located in Hong Kong, but it does not belong to Hong Kong.

QIAN Xingyu | City University of Hong Kong · APD Campus reporter 2016-08-190

WOW|A leisure sports city,a group of sport fans

Cold wave could not cool people’s enthusiasm for sports in this city.It is a city that once hosted an international sports game, while it is also a small and obscure city at Jiaodong peninsula in China.

Li Xue · We Observe the World 2016-06-170

WOW|The elders and youngsters in my hometown

I was sitting at the back of the bus, listening some English songs with the headset, on my way to my hometown- Xian tao. It has been nearly five years since the day I went to Beijing start my university life.

Liu Liyu · We Observe the World 2016-06-160

WOW|The Man and the Fish

Is there anything out there, in your life, that have helped you endured and overcame the pains and miseries of an unpredictable fate?

Wang Qiao · We Observe the World 2016-06-144

WOW| Another look at Wuyi Road

When the sun quietly shines into the cracks of the Wuyi Road, the oldest road in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, a new day begins.

Guo Xiaoqiong · We Observe the World 2016-06-134

WOW| A city I knew & a city I know

When I started to learn English, my teacher said to me that if a foreigner asks you where your hometown is, you can tell him you live nearby the Yangzi River, which is well known all over the world, instead of this county’s name—Zhongxian in Chongqing, because even the best knowledgeable people perhaps know Chongqing, but Zhongxian, one of its small counties, still makes no concept in many people’s mind.

Tan Xinyu · We Observe the World 2016-06-101

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