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Behind the scenes in the ‘Hollywood’ of China


A never-ending stream of aspiring actors heads to Hengdian, a town in Zhejiang province devoted to the movie business. Very few find the fame they crave.

Jay Z to headline UK Festival


Jay Z is headlining V Festival in August and will appear in Staffordshire then Essex on consecutive nights.

Why Moonlight shone on Oscar night


Even if the best picture announcement had happened smoothly and to plan, Moonlight's win would still have been regarded as one of the biggest Oscar stories and upsets of recent times.

PwC owns up to Oscars flub


One of two PricewaterhouseCoopers employees charged with managing the envelopes containing the names of Oscar winners mistakenly handed off the wrong one for best picture.

'Moonlight' wins best picture Oscar after baffling on-stage flub


Barry Jenkins speaks after "Moonlight" won for best picture

Big Bang, BTS, and iKON awarded at Japan's Gold Disc Award


Kpop dominated 'The Japan Gold Disc Awards' once again with numerous Korean artists taking the honors.

See the complete list of OSCAR WINNERS 2017 !


'Moonlight' wins best picture Oscar after baffling on-stage flub. Here is a complete list of nominees.

‘Rapper’ scandal hurts mainstream genre


Only having released its second episode of the series, “High School Rapper,” the new hip-hop audition program aired on Mnet has been embroiled in another high-profile controversy.

Lagerfeld: Meryl Streep Passed On Oscar Dress When Chanel Refused to Pay


"A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”

NBA and video game company to launch new gaming league in 2018


The NBA is taking a major stride into the world of virtual sports with the upcoming NBA 2K eLeague, a partnership with Take-Two Interactive, in whichfive-person e-sports teams will compete for a title and cash prize