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Chinese scientist honored for deep-sea drilling system


CHANGSHA, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Central China's Hunan Province has honored a scientist for his contribution to a deep-sea drilling system.

62 percent of Chinese speak a local dialect, says survey


A survey released on Thursday has shone light on Chinese attitudes towards local dialects.According to the survey conducted by China Youth Daily and Chinese survey website, 62.8 percent of the 2,002 respondents said that they speak their local dialect.

Chinese Mainland increases job opportunities for Taiwan residents


Taiwanese residents are now eligible to work in public institutions in six more provincial regions, An Fengshan, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council announced Wednesday.

Backgrounder: China's Youth Day


Youth Day in China falls on May 4. It originates from the Chinese patriotic campaign against imperialism i.e. the May Fourth Movement in 1919. In December 1949, the Government Administration Council officially announced May 4 to be Youth Day of the People's Republic of China.

First national park receiving strong legal and financial support


China's first national park will develop rapidly this year, with stronger legal and financial support from Qinghai province, the top provincial official said on Wednesday.

Women's status rising slowly in China: activist


Observers warned that social status of Chinese women is improving "slowly," and called for greater participation of Chinese women in public life, ahead of the InternationalWomen's Day which falls on Wednesday.

Women make new gains in workplace in China


Women are making significant progress in the workplace in China, even in some traditionally male-dominated areas, according to a new report released ahead of International Women's Day on Wednesday.

More Chinese set to study overseas


Education expert forecasts rise in number of students learning abroad. Despite already being the leading source of international students for foreign universities and colleges, China is set to see even more of its young people go abroad to study in the next five years, according to an education policy adviser.

CPPCC member thwarts removal of English from college exam


A CPPCC member denounced on March 6 a proposal to remove English from China’s college entrance exam, stressing the benefits of studying English for students who live in an increasingly open world.

China underlines "shared human future" in promoting human rights


A senior Chinese diplomat on Wednesday stressed that in order to promote and protect human rights, all countries should join hands to build a community of a shared future for human beings, to work together for the realization of peace, development and win-win cooperation for all.