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UK opposition leader promises stronger ties with China if elected


Britain's main opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn said here Sunday that a Labour government would seek to strengthen ties with China.

Top political advisors approve drafts, regulation


The chairman and vice chairpersons of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) met Thursday approving drafts and a regulation.

Xi urges closer ties in phone call with French President-elect Macron


Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with French President-elect Emmanuel Macron on the phone on Tuesday and the two agreed to meet at an early date.

Duterte and Xi talks about regional developments


MANILA, May 3 (APD)--The Department of Foreign Affairs disclosed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged views about regional developments and how some concerns can be addressed.

Civil code to strengthen rights' protection


Lawmakers are discussing the first draft of legislation that would gather the laws related to issues such as property, inheritance and the conduct of businesses under a unified framework.

China's top political advisory body starts annual session


​China's top political advisory body started its annual session Friday in Beijing, ushering in a political high season that will continue with the opening of the country's top legislature Sunday.

Trump holds first meeting with senior Chinese official


The United States attaches great importance to cooperative relations with China, US President Donald Trump said on Monday in his first meeting with a senior Chinese official since his inauguration last month.

China among first countries to pay 2017 UN membership dues


China has paid its United Nations membership dues for 2017, Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General, said in a recent press conference. This makes the country the first permanent member to do so.

What to expect from China's annual "two sessions"


The annual sessions of China's top legislative and advisory bodies, scheduled to be convened in early March, are expected to discuss and approve a national development framework with some new elements.

Philippines expects to enhance comprehensive cooperation with China


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said recently in his meeting with a high-level Chinese delegation that his country expects to have pragmatic and comprehensive cooperation with China.