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Seeking security from jobs


For the past five months, Xiang Ying, 26, a resident of Beijing, has been a full-time jobseeker, looking for her fourth job.

Rocket to haul commercial satellites


Getting haircuts for good luckChina's biggest manufacturer of carrier rockets will soon begin to develop the next-generation Long March 8 medium-lift carrier rocket to meet the demands of commercial launch service, according to a senior manager.

Chinese FM pledges more coordination to prepare for BRICS Summit


China will strengthen coordination with BRICS members including South Africa to prepare for the BRICS leaders' summit.

Blueprint to beef up skills in manufacturing sector


Guideline aims to address training gap in IT industry

China to curb fast growing steel prices


Govt document says companies should carry out further efforts to cut capacity

China's industry cashes in on upgrading


Machinery manufacturers supply wide range of high-end and sophisticated products for power projects worldwide

China's investments creating thousands of new British jobs


The fast expansion of Chinese companies in the United Kingdom is creating local jobs at a time when Brexit uncertainties have caused unemployment fears.

Chinese top world's online shoppers


Survey reveals 36% of nationals buy from digital shops at least once a week

OPPO, Huawei, Vivo shipped most phones in 2016


Three Chinese brands, OPPO, Huawei and Vivo, outperformed Apple and Xiaomi to become the top three smartphone vendors in China in terms of shipments in 2016.

Flight number rises during Lunar New Year holiday


​China witnessed a sharp increase in flight number over the Lunar New Year holiday, official data showed on Friday.