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China Leaders

Law, virtue both crucial to governing: Xi

China Daily | Mon,2016-12-12

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has underscored governing the country by both law and virtue, in order to modernize the State governance system and its capabilities.

Xi made the remarks on Friday at a group study attended by members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. The group study, the 37th of its kind, focused on governance by law and virtue through Chinese history.

Zhu Yong, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, expounded on the subject, and members of the Political Bureau held a discussion.

Xi said that "law is virtue put down in words, and virtue is law borne in people's hearts," adding that law and virtue are both important in state governance, since both regulate social behavior, adjust social relations and maintain social order.

Xi highlighted the supporting role of virtue in the rule of law, stressing that the "nourishing effect" of virtue should be brought into play, as well as integration of the virtue system with socialist legal norms.

The rule of law should be made an important part of education in virtue, Xi said, suggesting that belief should be fostered in law, the rule of law and guiding people to voluntarily assume their statutory duties as well as their responsibilities to society and family.

Meanwhile, the rule of law should embody moral ideals, thus providing reliable institutional support for virtue, Xi said.

"Laws and regulations should promote the virtuous, while socialist core values should be woven into legislation, law enforcement and the judicial process," Xi said.

He also called for using tools in the rule of law to address prominent moral issues, and for making greater legislative efforts to specify penalties for breaches of virtue.

Xi stressed the importance of education for all in the rule of law and virtue, voicing the hope that through education, all people will grow to firmly believe in, abide by and uphold the socialist rule of law, as well as exercise socialist core values.

Leading officials play a crucial role in governing the country by law and virtue, Xi said, urging them to serve as examples in studying and observing the law and in practicing virtue.