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Securities watchdog faces reform challenge


The current stock market volatility will challenge the Chinese regulator's ability to respond and implement reform, analysts said after the country's securities chief acknowledged deep flaws in the system.

Reforms key for attaining China's economic goals


With a strong resolve to deepen reforms and a clear grasp of its priorities, the Chinese government is on the right path toward countering downward pressure for growth and realizing major economic goals for the next five years.

Stock listing reform to usher in new era for China's stock market


The highly-anticipated stock listing reform, which will be launched in March of 2016 at the earliest according to the latest legal changes, is set to usher in a new era for China's stock market, officials and experts have said.

China tightens regulation over P2P lending


​Chinese authorities released a draft of new rules on Monday that tighten regulation of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.

Chinese lawmakers give nod to registration-based stock listing


​Chinese lawmakers on Sunday approved a State Council proposal for stock listing reform at the end of a bimonthly legislative session which began Monday in Beijing.

China Voice: China's poverty relief efforts set example for world


As the largest contributor to global poverty reduction, China has set an exemplary example for the world with its achievements, strong determination and effective measures.

China vows more support for rural industry


China will deepen structural reform of rural industries and upgrade the integrative development of agricultural, industrial and service sectors in rural regions.

What is China's supply-side reform?


As China strives to sustain growth, supply-side reform is the latest tool to be taken from the box and sharpened.

China to replace subsidy with reward to underpin PPP projects


To support public-private partnership (PPP) projects China will provide rewards instead of subsidies in a pilot scheme that will start next year, a Ministry of Finance (MOF) notice said Thursday.

China's cabinet wants stock listing reform


​An executive meeting of the State Council, or China's cabinet, passed a draft document for registration-based stock listing reforms on Wednesday.