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Down payments cut to boost China's housing market


​Zhang Lei was happy that he could finally afford an own home this year.

China eases restrictions art imports, exports


​A newly-revised regulation on art dealing, issued by China's Ministry of Culture on Tuesday, has eased restrictions on import and export of works of art.

Chinese Govt to ease tax burden on four industries


Construction, real estate development, financial services and consumer services will be included in China's corporate tax reform program.

New thinking, supply-side reform stressed in agriculture modernization


​China will apply its new concept of development to agricultural modernization to make the process more efficient, inclusive and environment-friendly, according to a policy document released on Wednesday.

Beijing to renew growth through supply-side reform


Beijing is exploring ways to improve the quality of the city's goods and services, as part of nationwide supply-side structural reform.

Fund to help those made redundant by overcapacity cut


China will raise funds to help workers reestablish themselves should they lose their jobs when coal and steel firms close amid campaigns to cut overcapacity.

Chinese Premier stresses human-centered urbanization


​Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged efforts to deepen human-centered urbanization as it can improve people's livelihoods and boost economy.

China to issue digital currency "as soon as possible"


China's central bank on Wednesday announced that it will try to issue digital currency "as soon as possible.

China looks to move career barriers for top foreign talents


)China is looking at removing career barriers for top foreign talent eligible to work at research institutions, colleges and universities-a move expected to make more opportunities, such as research projects or jobs, accessible to highly qualified foreigners.

China growth dips, more supply-side reforms signaled


​China's economy recorded the slowest annual expansion in a quarter of a century in 2015 as authorities signaled more supply-side structural reforms for long-term growth.