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China's experience from latest FTZ pilots to replicated and promoted soon


China’s four free trade zones (FTZ) in Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Tianjin and Fujian Province have scored new achievements. Experience from these FTZ pilots is expected to be replicated and promoted in one to two months.

Positive economic signs corroborate China's reform bid


Despite tempered growth, China's economy is witnessing some positive changes, notably better structure and different growth pace in its traditional and new sectors.

New risk control regulation brings net capital pressure


The revised Risk Control Indicator Management Method of Securities Companies is about to be implemented. In addition, as external risk tends to be increasing, securities traders will downsize scale of non-active private asset management plan targeting non-standard debt asset.

China's A-share markets opened for foreign companies' investments


The China Securities Regulatory Commission has said that the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, held in Beijing in June, confirmed that qualified foreign and joint-venture enterprises can be registered as private securities firms with the Asset Management Association of China.

GDP revision reflects real picture of China's economy


China's statistics authority altered the way quarterly GDP data are calculated, a move analysts have called a step toward meeting international standards and improving accuracy.

China to reform state firms, help private investors


China is carrying out a new round of reforms on its torpid state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and pushing local governments to support private firms.

China firms rise on global stage on innovation, acquisition


More Chinese companies are stepping on to the global stage as they focus on innovation and overseas acquisitions to boost competitiveness, experts said.

China needs foreign businesses in economic transition: premier


China will expand market access for foreign investment to help drive industrial upgrades and economic transition, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Four authorities jointly explain“de-leverage”, study debt-to-equity


Reducing non-financial enterprises’ leverage rate is viewed as key point to prevent and resolve debt risk now.

China expected to move through middle-income stage following L-shaped trajectory


China is expected to move across middle-income stage following L-shaped trajectory and exceed the 'high income threshold' in 2022; in the next few years, more efforts should be used to improve income distribution and allow people to more so be in a state in which they are "getting sense", said Cai Fang, vice president of Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) on Thursday in Beijing.