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China opens more areas of economy for foreign capital


China's moves to further ease foreign investment policies will open doors in some monopoly sectors this year while prohibiting local governments from curbing foreign companies, experts said.

Tax policy compromise to avoid hard landing


Analysts nevertheless divided over wisdom of stimulus

China levels the property rights playing field


Compared with the state sector, China's private businesses are vulnerable in terms of property rights, but that may change as new policy expands the safety net.

Efforts in regulating housing market keep intensifying in recent 9 months


Shanghai and Tianjin unexpectedly raised down payment requirements for home buyers on Nov. 28 evening, believed as a continuation of previous round of regulations. These new policies signal great significance. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen’s moves in raising credit threshold might mean that credit policies will be widely tightened up.

New policy to benefit investment


China's central bank will allow qualified international employees working in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone to open overseas personal free trade accounts, as part of a series of reforms encouraging innovation and cross-border investment.

Local GDP data indicates China economic resilience


China's local economies are showing resilience as the country attempts a transformation to more quality growth.

No need for China to fake steady GDP growth


​China's economy has achieved steady growth of 6.7 percent for three consecutive quarters, leading many analysts to suspect that there has been a bit of untoward data smoothing.

China stresses officials' poverty-relief responsibilities


Heads of impoverished counties in China will not be promoted or transferred to other posts unless the counties shake off poverty, according to an official statement released on Monday.

Next step for RMB internationalization


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), or the central bank, announced yesterday that it authorizes Bank of China, New York branch as clearing bank of RMB business in the U.S.

Government defaults, pose major risks to China's overseas investments


Government defaults and unconventional security problems are major risks of Chinese enterprises in overseas investments, said China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure) in an annual report on world investment risk for 2016 released on Monday.