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China's "game of power" continues with medal haul


Xiang Yanmei of China shrugged off the unexpected neck injury to win the gold medal for China in the women's 69kg category final on Wednesday.

China-built railway engineering course opens new frontiers to Kenyan youth


A 25-year-old accomplished guitarist is yet to reconcile with a strange turn in his life's path after landing in an engineering career despite spending the better part of his youth honing musical skills.

Chinese pilots kicks off their first around-the-world flight


A Chinese pilot and his crew left Beijing Sunday on a flight across the globe, the first around-the-world flight from China.

Two tons of seafood cooked in gigantic pot in east China's Qingdao


Craving seafood? Two tons of seafood including clams, crabs, shrimps and oysters were cooked in a gigantic pot measures 6.6-meter diameter in east China's Qingdao city off the coast on Saturday. over 1000 people enjoyed the feast together.

Russian tour guide connects with China on the border


Andrei Baluas Vladimirovich, 50, has been working for the past 15 years as a tourist guide on the Sino-Russian border, often between the cities of Khabarovsk and Fuyuan, which face each other across the Heilongjiang River. Recently, Vladimirovich, a resident of Khabarovski, spoke to China Daily about his life and changes in cross-border tourism.

Seven Chinese cities that have hosted G20 meetings


Since China took over G20 presidency on Dec 1, 2015, several Chinese cities have hosted various meetings including G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting before the Hangzhou Summit to be held in September. Let us have a look.

Expert says upcoming G20 summit important opportunity to better understand China


The upcoming G20 summit in China in September is very important, and the most important objective that can be achieved is to try to understand China better and to understand the strategic choice of China, said Luigi Gambardella, president of ChinaEU.

Distinctive college admission letters impress Chinese students


Instead of the usual formal acceptance letters, future college students across China have been impressed by what they have received this summer: delicately designed, hand-crafted admission letters.

Mixed weddings in China bring trouble, joy


A wedding is as much a celebration of culture as a celebration of love. So when I, a Scottish man, and my fiancé Shelley, a Chinese woman, decided to get married in Tianjin, we wanted to honor our national traditions by having a mixture of both in our wedding.

New book shows Chinese youth another side of Marx


The second edition of a book about Karl Marx, aimed at boosting the 19th-century thinker's appeal among young people, was published on Friday.