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How beer brewed 5,000 years ago in China tastes today


Stanford archaeology students recreate recipe based on discovery at the Mijiaya site in Shaanxi province

Police intervene after man pesters colleague for being tight-fisted with red packets


Police say social media is public space

Chinese "blue helmets" carry out duties on Spring Festival amid homesickness


​While the Chinese across the world are celebrating their Lunar New Year with family reunions, the country's peacekeepers are carrying out UN missions in places far away from home.

Sino-African cooperation contributes to visible development in Africa: Kenyan FM


China-Africa cooperation is contributing to visible development in Africa on a win-win base, Kenya's foreign minster Amina Mohamed said Thursday.

Beach city Sanya makes New York Times top destinations list


With its stunning white beaches and shimmering blue waters, Sanya on Hainan Island in China's southernmost province, has been named one of 52 Places to Go this year by the New York Times.

More H7N9 cases reported in China


​More human H7N9 avian flu cases have been reported in central China's Hunan Province and the southern province of Guangdong this year, authorities said Tuesday.

Snow, hotpot and ski shoes: China awaits the Winter Olympics


​Chang Guangchun seldom sees foreigners in her village, but started learning English two years ago.

15 UN panda envoys visit Chengdu


Sixteen-year-old Vera Kalinina, from Sudoverf, Russia, was thrilled to see live pandas on Monday at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province.

Minority village has used "magic wells" to control population for centuries


Wunai Yinjiao has been making sure her fellow villagers don't have more children than they want for nearly 20 years.

Tibet's bottled water reaches eastern coast by train


​A train carrying nearly 1,900 tonnes of bottled mineral water from Tibet Autonomous Region has reached the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang after traveling 4,500 km over five days.