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Chinese firm helps US coal miners transition to wind energy jobs


In Rawlins, Wyoming, people came to hear about a career they hadn't considered until pretty recently.

Uber sued over lack of wheelchair access


The ride-sharing company Uber was sued on Tuesday by disability rights groups for discriminating passengers with mobility disability in New York City.

Global clean energy spending hits record high: IEA


The global investment in energy fell by 12 percent in 2016, while spending on clean energy hit a record high, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its report at 22nd World Petroleum Congress on Tuesday.

U.S. fuel economy drops in June


The average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in June in the United States was 25.1 mpg, down 0.2 mpg from May, said a report posted on the website of the University of Michigan (UM) on Friday.

Global oil price drops to its lowest in 10 months


The global oil market began a new round of dropdown at the end of May with the crude oil prices dropping by 17% during May 24 to June 21 in Europe and America, the lowest in the past 10 months.

Tesla no longer 'biggest US autormaker' after $12 billion value drop


Tesla lost its place as the biggest US cautomaker by market capitalization on Thursday, handing over the crown to General Motors (GM), after a slump in share prices erased more than 12 billion US dollars of Tesla's value.

Microsoft reportedly to cut thousands of job, most outside U.S.


American software giant Microsoft Corporation reportedly began Thursday sending layoff notices to employees, probably thousands of them involved in sales and marketing operations.

Volvo putting the brakes on gasoline fueled engines


Volvo Cars on Wednesday announced plans to switch all of its models to electric starting in 2019. Geely, Volvo's Chinese owner, has been quietly pushing ahead with electric car development for more than a decade.

Tesla's lower-priced Model 3 to start production Friday


Tesla's first lower-priced Model 3 will roll off the assembly line Friday, two weeks earlier than schedule, CEO Elon Musk announced Monday.

Chinese investment in Australia in 2016 the highest since global financial crisis


Chinese investment in Australia last year topped almost 11.5 billion US dollars, and was the highest since the global financial crisis, according to a new report.