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Indonesia increases steps to grab more visitors from China

APD | Fri,2017-05-19


JAKARTA, May 18 (APD) – Indonesia increases steps in grabbing more visitors from China by conducting tourism events and displaying the nation’s best destinations through large TV screens set in prominent public spaces in China’s big cities.


Using big LED screens and sphere LED, Indonesia promotes its top destinations with moving images, placed in Jingxin Tower, East 3rd Ring Rd, Blue Island Tower Screen in Beijing and Grand Gateway, Parkson Shopping Centre, Huandai Road and Metro City in Shanghai.


“We will set the screens from May 18 to June 2 this year, themed Indonesia’s destinations in Raja Ampat,Papua; Uluwatu and Gebogan in Bali; Lengkuas Island in Belitung,” Foreign Marketing Deputy Minister at Indonesian Tourism Ministry I Gde Pitana said here on Thursday.

He was referring to the world’s award-winning destinations and new destination in Indonesia.


During the period, Pitana said that the ministry would also send missions to facilitate business to business meetings between Indonesian tour agencies with their potential tour package buyers in Shanghai and Chengdu from May 22 to 24.


The ministry would bring 8 tour agencies from Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Surabaya in its upcoming tour sales missions held in the Chinese two prominent cities, he added.

A bigger week-long event, called Indonesia Week, aimed at promoting Indonesia’s tourism, trade and investment would also be held in Shanghai from May 20 to 26, Pitana said.

Indonesia has set targets to see arrival of foreign visitors from mainland China at 2,037,000 people this year.

Indonesia saw enormous number of 1,452,971 visitors from China throughout last year. That figure was 27.31 percent higher than a year earlier, Pitana said.

The world’s largest archipelago country recorded 387,506 foreign visitors from China in the first two months this year, making them contributed the largest foreign visitor visited Indonesia, brushing aside dominations of visitors from Singapore and Australia in the previous periods.

The ministry was optimistic to get more visitors from China as it has applied digital technology to market its tour destinations, a way used the most by Chinese travellers when they plan their traveling.

Indonesia has also established cooperation with Chinese prominent internet provider as well as traveling apps.

“Seventy percent of Chinese travellers are internet savvy. They do the search, book and pay the tour packages as well digitally through the internet. We are sure that through the digitalization we can identify the travellers’ preferences,” Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said.

Indonesia, which has made tourism as its ultimate industry, has targeted to receive 20 million foreign visitors and earn more than 24 billion U.S. dollars from the sector by 2019.

The minister said that Indonesia is now competing with other countries to tap great potentialities from Chinese travellers with annual outbound of more than 120 million ones, making China the world’s most lucrative tourism market.

Besides the most-favored Bali, he said Indonesia has many destinations that can be offered to Chinese travellers. Indonesia now develops new ten tour destinations across the country, designed to par with Bali in attracting foreign visitors.