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Co-op opportunities emerge in Asia-Pacific but security concerns still linger in 2015


The region in the year of 2016 will brace for growing economic opportunities, China's bigger role and the uncertain security environment.

Least developed countries to benefit specially from "Belt and Road" initiative: Sri Lankan expert


The least developed countries and developing countries will benefit specially from China's "Belt and Road" initiative, Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, advisor to the finance minister of Sri Lanka, said here Monday.

Minister says Indonesia's maritime vision, China's "Belt and Road" initiative can be well-matched


Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said here on Monday that his country's new maritime vision could dovetail with China's "Belt and Road" initiative.

China playing key role in Paris climate negotiations


China is playing a key role of a responsible partner during the ongoing climate conference negotiations in Paris, member of European Parliament (MEP) Giovanni La Via, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua.

China very active, constructive in Paris climate change talks


China has been very active and constructive in the ongoing climate change negotiations here, former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Yvo de Boer told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

Strong Paris climate deal necessary to secure low carbon future, says World Bank VP


​A strongest possible climate deal will allow the world to secure low emissions needed to prevent impacts exacerbating in the future, Rachel Kyte, World Bank's vice president, said Wednesday.

ASEAN Community Vision 2025 to sustain momentum of regional integration: Malaysian FM


T​he ASEAN Community Vsion 2025 is designed to sustain the momentum of the integration in the region, Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman has said.

China's Belt and Road Initiative to give new impetus to world economic growth


​China's Belt and Road Initiative is expected to give a new impetus to the global economy by increasing investment, improving infrastructure and promoting economic integration and people-to-people exchanges among the countries it covers, Israeli experts told Xinhua in recent interviews.

China gets better at monitoring its emissions


​China is getting better at monitoring its energy mix and its emissions, precisely because the country understands the climate threat and is working with the rest of the world to fight it, a U.S. expert has said.

China to become global leader in renewable technology


​China is set to become the global leader in renewable technology, aiding the rise of a moderately prosperous society following the significant reforms implemented in the five-year plans.