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China, Britain raises curtain of "golden time" in ties with 60-bln-USD deals


China and Britain revved their cooperation into higher gear as they signed on Wednesday a slew of lucrative deals, laying a solid foundation for the "golden time" of their partnership.

China-UK "Golden Year" built on consistent warmth of bilateral relationship


​With the rapidly evolving China-Britain economic relationship, doing business with China by Britain will soon be no different than doing business by the country with Germany or France, a well-known British businessman has said.

China is an extremely important market for Jumeirah Group


​China is an extremely important" market for Dubai's luxury hotel group Jumeirah as the wealthy Chinese consumers and international tourists keep rising, President and CEO Gerald Lawless said.

China's "Belt and Road" initiative benefits world


​The "Belt and Road" initiative is in China's interest, and also in the interest of the rest of the world, Daniel Rosen, Founding Partner of U.S. consulting firm Rhodium Group, said on Wednesday.

Changing Chinese economy "big opportunity" for New Zealand


​Slowing growth in the global economy is holding back New Zealand's economy, but China is still providing major opportunities for trade, Finance Minister Bill English said on Thursday.

China plays key role in promoting South-South cooperation


​China plays a key role in promoting South-South cooperation through improving "key infrastructure" in developing countries, an official at the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has said.

Global agreement on climate change to be reached in Paris


​Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia and the president of the Asia Society Policy Institute, said he was confident that countries would be able to reach an agreement to tackle climate change during their meeting in Paris late this year.

Silk Road is an example of South-South cooperation


​The Silk Road is an example of South-South cooperation, Adam Rogers, the assistant director of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

Tu Youyou's Nobel Prize for Medicine award meritorious


​The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine won by Chinese herbal expert Tu Youyou is a welcome development based on merit, considering her contributions to the cause of human health, Bunmi Saidat Salami, a Nigerian pharmacology expert, said on Monday.

China and U.S. relations will continue to improve


​"China and U.S. relations will continue to improve. There's no other choice," said Elaine Chao, the former U.S. Secretary of Labor, in a recent interview with Xinhua. "The U.S. and China are the two largest countries, they must get along," said Chao, who served as the Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009.