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Growing Chinese mobile Internet firms to reshape global digital culture


Giorggio Abrantes, a 34-year-old worker who lives in northeast Brazil, has recently turned into an Internet hipster.

AlphaGo teaches to use AI to benefit humans


The five-day Future of Go Summit which began in Wuzhen, East China's Zhejiang province, on Tuesday will see the world's top-ranked human player, 19-year-old Ke Jie of China, take on AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence program, in a best-of-three go contest.

Where does Manchester explosion take place?


British police confirmed early Tuesday that 19 people were killed and 59 more injured in a blast that occurred outside Manchester Arena right after the end of a concert late Monday night.

Australian banking giant hits out at proposed government "bank tax"


One of Australia's largest banking institutions, Westpac, has hit out at the Australian government's planned bank levy on Monday, calling it "inefficient."

APEC trade ministerial meeting gains 5 achievements: Chinese official


The 23rd Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) taking place here from May 20-21 gained five major achievements, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen has said.

The ancient and modern treasures of the South China Sea


Anyone lucky enough to stroll on the white sands of Nanshazhou, a tiny islet in the middle of the South China Sea, should not be surprised to come across fragments of ceramics, hundreds of years old.

APD REVIEW | India struggles with sexual violence against women


NEW DELHI, May 18 (APD)— In the last few days two rape cases, reported near the capital have again questioned the security and safety of women in India.

B&R 4 Years: Great success achieved, formidable challenges lay ahead


The curtain of two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation falls, with great achievements and expectations all over the world.

Are journalists safe in Mexico?


In the latest wave of journalist killings in Mexico, Javier Valdez Cárdenas, an award-winning reporter who specialized in writing about drug trafficking and organized crime was killed Monday in the northern state of Sinaloa, officials said. He was among the six journalists who have reportedly been murdered in Mexico this year.

Insights Kurds' complex ties in the Middle East and beyond


With Kurdish groups having emerged as a key force in the fight against ISIL militants in recent years, the ethnic group has some complex relationships with various nations in the Middle East and beyond.