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Media cooperation -- tool to strengthen China-ASEAN relationship: Acting Director of Brunei's Info dep't


"Since the relationship between ASEAN and China has been established, the exchange of information and the sharing of news are strong and active," said Marwardi bin Haji Mohammad during his visit to the Asia Pacific Daily's Shanghai office on Sept. 3.

Lou Jiwei: help but not bailout


Violations of contracts are increasingly seen in the iron & steel and coal industries in China since 2016 with some central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) involved too. What’s the role played by central finance in removing risks of SOEs?

Business leaders call for safer finance


The financing growth task force of the Business 20 summit will urge G20 leaders to improvesupervision of the financial sector, and promote inclusive and green financing to furtherprotect consumers' interests and seek more healthy growth, the task force's chairman said onMonday.

ASEAN nations should not be hijacked over South China Sea issue: Chinese envoy


A Chinese diplomat on Friday urged members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to guard against certain countries which he said were attempting to hijack the regional bloc over the South China Sea issue.

Philippines must forgo provocations: China's ex-diplomat


The Philippines "must be dissuaded from making any further provocation in the South China Sea, or otherwise China will not sit by idly", a former senior Chinese leader warned on Tuesday.

Role of Russia in forging Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind


The idea of hammering out the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind or CCDM concept is being positively regarded in Russia and such approach rests on an understanding that the key principles of this goal fully correspond with Moscow’s national perceptions and views, expert said.

CPEC Regional Connectivity: Expert of Pakistani think tank


This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. This modern day relationship began with Pakistan to recognize one China. Among other landmark successful achievement was setting the initial diplomatic dialogue between China and the west followed by an all-out effort of Pakistani diplomatic missions for the inclusion of China in the UN Security Council as a permanent member.

Industrial cooperation and industrial park development in the construction of CPEC


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a dream of Pakistan and a dream of China as well. It’s a mutual choice of both countries. The dream is now coming true, which is highly praised by Pakistan and revitalizes the spirit of its government and people trapped in the economic embarrassment to fight against the adversity.

Industrial zones to boost CPEC development: Expert


“The CPEC will give an unprecedented boost to their bilateral trade,” said Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari, the Chairman of KASB Group of Companies and Senior Fellow of the Global Think Tank Network of the National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan, in an exclusive interview with the Asia Pacific Daily days before the Beijing Forum-Islamabad.

Remarks by Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the dinner for Brookings U.S.-China Leadership Forum


Thank you, President Cowan, for your very kind words of introduction. Let me also thank the John L. Thornton China Center at Brookings for inviting me to the U.S.-China Leadership Forum and giving me the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the discussions of this distinguished group.