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Will Syrian tensions bring up US-Russia engagement on battlefield?


Following a US fighter jet downing a Syrian government warplane, Iran launched several mid-range missiles on the same day onto Syrian territory in retaliation for the terror attack in Tehran. Two days later, another Iranian-made drone was shot down by a US F-15 fighter. Tensions over Syria have been escalated in only three days.

How investors comment on MSCI's inclusion of China's A-shares?


China's efforts in opening its market to international investors has finally been endorsed after Morgan Stanley's Capital Index, or MSCI, said on Tuesday it plans to add China's A-shares to its benchmark Emerging Market Index.

Brexit talks "start off on right foot," yet uncertainty lingers


Britain and the European Union (EU) have struck an upbeat tone after the first round of the Brexit negotiations held Monday, as the two sides set a preliminary timetable and the structure of the negotiations ahead. However, uncertainty still lingers due to the divergences between the two and a pressing deadline.

CPC helps forge closer ties with LatAm, say Ecuadorian analysts


In the lead up to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Ecuadorian political observers on Monday praised the initiatives and decisions the party has taken in recent years to promote economic and social development.

C929 "absolutely possible" to change balance in Chinese aircraft market


The wide-body passenger jet C929, to be jointly developed by China and Russia, is "absolutely possible" to change the market balance in the Chinese aircraft market, said the Russian Airlines Aeroflot's Deputy CEO Giorgio Callegari Tuesday in Paris.

AIIB supports members meeting commitments to Paris Agreement


The China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) expressed support for its members to meet their commitments to the Paris Agreement, a global climate change deal.

Mutual trust key to Sino-Pakistani ties


China and Pakistan are still investigating in the kidnapping of two Chinese who were abducted from Quetta in the southwestern province of Balochistan last month. They may have been killed after Islamic State militants claimed to have "executed" them last week.

APD REVIEW | Shooting shatters American dreams of homeland security


As FOX New reports, in Virginia Wednesday morning, Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip of Republican Party (G. O. P.) was shot and multiple congressional aides due to an attack launched by a gunman with a rifle at a GOP baseball practice.

Japan's ruling bloc forces enactment of controversial "conspiracy" law


Controversial legislation to criminalize the planning of serious crimes was enacted by Japan's parliament on Thursday despite vociferous calls from opposition parties and the public.

Chinese wisdom contributing to global governance


China has exerted more efforts in recent years to participate in world affairs and exercise its vision to improve global governance.