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Media cooperation -- tool to strengthen China-ASEAN relationship: Acting Director of Brunei's Info dep't

APD | Tue,2016-09-06

APD writer Lin Yue

"Since the relationship between ASEAN and China has been established, the exchange of information and the sharing of news are strong and active," said Marwardi bin Haji Mohammad during his visit to the Asia Pacific Daily's Shanghai office on Sept. 3.

Marwardi bin Haji Mohammad, the Acting Director of Information Department of Brunei Darussalam's Prime Minister's Office accepted an exclusive interview with Asia Pacific Daily when he was on his visit to APD -- the transnational new media platform's Shanghai office with his colleagues from Brunei's mainstream media, including the Radio Television Brunei, the Borneo Bulletin and the Brunei Times.

As the year of 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-China Dialogue Relationship, the media of both China and ASEAN countries are taking more important roles in promoting the economic and cultural exchanges.

"Media is an interface that can be trusted," Mohammad said, "and in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of friendship between ASEAN and China, the cooperation in the field of Media is one of the tools that can strengthen the relationship between the two."

Mohammad said that the exchange of government officials and private entities had enhanced the cooperation of ASEAN and China significantly in the field of economy, education and so on.

Marwardi bin Haji Mohammad, the Acting Director of Information Department of Brunei Darussalam's Prime Minister's Office. Photo: APD

Marwardi bin Haji Mohammad, the Acting Director of Information Department of Brunei Darussalam's Prime Minister's Office accepts APD's exclusive interview in Shanghai on Sept.3. Photo: APD

"The media cooperation, promoting exchanges in the fields of economy and culture is a matter that has been implemented for the past 25 years of the establishment of the friendship," he said.

Mohammad explained that the cooperation in the field of business had been encouraging, since it had been a major factor in improving the relationship between ASEAN and China. He added that the cultural cooperation, such as the exchange in traditional singing and dancing had been the example to improve the images of both.

In the era of new media, when every person using Internet is capable to become an information outlet, Mohammad said that the major challenge the media of Brunei is handling had been the news accuracy.

"If a mistake is made," he said, "it will become a big problem and the media might be no longer trusted by the public." He said that all the contents should be reviewed and revised in order to be true and accurate.

"New media users get a place in communities around the world," Mohammad said, "their needs should be monitored and dubious news could split the community and raise dissatisfaction." He said that it was necessary for various agencies involved to cooperate in dealing with negative or misuse of new media in this information age.

Nowadays, since the trend of social media is playing an important role in extracting international news, the Bruneians are eager to get more access to the information concerning economy, trade, education, society, technology, etc., which affect their families and daily lives, Mohammad said.

"I think the platform as APD is a good step and can further enhance the cooperation in the exchange and sharing of information between countries as China and Brunei," he said. "The platform provides a good cooperation in delivering relevant information in various fields and makes a positive impact on the information exchange, which helps people to get the news they want and get the information quickly and accurately."


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