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Ancient pottery, Buddha head found buried at weir in Thailand


Ancient pottery and the large head of a Buddha statue have been found buried near a community weir in Muang district of Thailand’s northern province.

Philippines slams US drama series for depicting president making sexual advance toward secretary of state


Manila on Tuesday “strongly protested” an American television drama for showing a fictional Philippine president making a sexual advance on the US secretary of state.

Malaysia foils 'Yemeni attack on Arab royals'


Malaysian police say they have foiled a planned attack on Arab royals by suspected militants from Yemen.

Former policeman claims President Rodrigo Duterte orchestrated 200 killings while mayor of Davao


A retired Philippine officer on Monday linked President Rodrigo Duterte, when he was a mayor, and his men to more than 200 killings, including of foreign drug suspects, that the officer and other members of a so-called death squad allegedly carried out.

Myanmar rebel clashes in Kokang leave 30 dead


At least 30 people have been killed on Myanmar's border with China, after clashes between ethnic rebels and the security forces.

Dengvaxia vaccine given to a million kids in Philippines


The Dengvaxia vaccine has been tested on a million children in the Philippines, in a 3.5-billion-peso (S$98 million) state-sponsored immunisation programme that began in April last year.

Viral video shows Malaysian pastor's abduction took just under a minute


The abduction of Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo happened in just under a minute. Footage of a viral video, supposedly of the abduction, showed at least seven vehicles - including two motorcycles - were involved in the operation.

MH370 families refuse to give up hope, instead launch campaign to fund search for the missing jet


Families of passengers on board missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have launched a campaign to privately fund a search for the aircraft.

Philippine army finds body of beheaded German hostage Jurgen Kantner


The body of a German hostage beheaded by Islamist militants in the Philippines this week has been recovered, military officials say.

Hanging, firing squad or injection: Philippines takes big step towards bringing back death penalty for drug crimes


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign to bring back the death penalty for drug-related crimes has cleared a major hurdle, with supporters backing it in congress but critics denouncing the plans as “inhumane”.