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Southeast Asia

Ancient pottery, Buddha head found buried at weir in Thailand

BANGKOK POST | Wed,2017-03-08

Ancient pottery and the large head of a Buddha statue have been found buried near a community weir in Muang district of Thailand’s northern province.

The antiquities were uncovered on March 3 by municipal workers digging with a backhoe during repairs to Korn weir.

The people of nearby Ban Pa Tueng in tambon Pa Or Donchai on Tuesday held a bai sri ceremony to bless and welcome the Buddha head.

Sompet Supamanee, 64, former chairman of the weir construction committee, said Pa Or Donchai tambon municipality recently sent workers to repair the weir. During the work a backhoe uncovered red bricks in lumps of earth dug from the area, Thai media reported.

Villagers helped workers remove the earth, revealing the large head of a Buddha statue. Further excavations uncovered a large quantity of old pottery. Although many of the items were broken, some were still in good condition to the delight of the local people. 

The tambon municipality advised the department of  fine arts and other agencies of the find, so they could send experts to examine it.

Mr Somdet said the Buddha head was believed to be several hundred years old. There may have been an ancient stupa in the area. However, no one was aware there were such antiquities in the ground in the area of the weir.


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