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Three young foreigners charged with drug smuggling in New Zealand


New Zealand Customs officers have arrested three young foreign nationals after finding illegal drugs with a street value of 5 million NZ dollars (3.56 million U.S. dollars) in false-bottomed suitcases at Auckland Airport.

Brother-in-law Robert Xie guilty of slaughtering Sydney's Lin family


Robert Xie, a former surgeon, has been found guilty of murdering five members of a Chinese-Australian family in Sydney, including two children, in a gruesome case that shocked the country.

Australian heatwave causing roads to melt in outback town


The Australian outback township of Bourke in New South Wales state is on track to break the state's record for 22 consecutive days above 40 degrees Celsius as the country's scorching heatwave continues Friday.

Australia following Britain in parliamentary entitlement reform after scandals


Australia will model their parliamentary entitlements reform on Britain following a payments scandal that has claimed a senior leader.

Aussie state government refuses to cooperate with watchdog inquest into phone monitoring


​The Victorian State government in Australia has refused to cooperate with a privacy watchdog probe into an audit of ministers' phones being undertaken by the government.

Aussie Trade Minister Ciobo defends taxpayer-funded travel


​ Australia's Trade Minister Steve Ciobo on Friday defended his use of taxpayer' dollars to attend a football match, amid a wave of criticism on "out-of-control" MP expenditure.

Temperatures to soar above 40 degrees as heatwave sweeps eastern Australia


A heatwave predicted to stretch across 1,000km of eastern Australia has prompted warnings for the public to avoid physical activity in the sun and stay alert for signs of heat-related illness in others, especially children and older people.

South Australia power company to pay 15 mln USD compensation for "lengthy" blackouts


​ South Australia Power Networks said Thursday that it would pay more than 15 million U.S. dollars in compensation to customers who were subject to unnecessary lengthy blackouts late last year.

Australian police probing 1MDB-linked firms


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said on Tuesday they are working with international law enforcement agencies to investigate companies associated with Malaysia’s scandal-hit sovereign wealth fund.

Homeless campers removed from Melbourne CBD ahead of Australian Open


​ Australian authorities have begun to clear homeless people out of Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open in late January.