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Australian police claim 'breakthrough' in 20-year mystery


​An Australian man has been charged with murdering two women following the nation's longest police investigation.

Five in custody over alleged Christmas Day terror plot in Melbourne


​Police in Australia have arrested a group of Islamic radicals believed to be planning an “evil” terrorist attack at numerous landmarks in the centre of Melbourne, possibly on Christmas Day.

Australia on alert after busting Christmas Day terror cell


Australia remained on alert over the holiday period after authorities arrested seven people on Friday allegedly planning a Christmas Day terror attack.

Aust'n PM Turnbull must unite gov't amid defection threat: former PM


It is Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's "duty" to unite the coalition government in the face of a defection threat from outspoken Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Friday.

Australian Christian Lobby 'car bomb' not politically motivated, police say


​A man has driven a van filled with gas bottles into the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) headquarters in Canberra.

Millions of Australians using unsecure Wi-Fi to access online banking: study


Millions of Australians are risking data breaches every day by doing online banking on public Wi-Fi networks, a study has found.

Codeine becomes prescription-only medicine in Australia


​Painkillers containing codeine will require a prescription in Australia from 2018 amid concerns over misuse.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull still wants republic but only after Queen Elizabeth’s reign ends


​Critics within Turnbull’s own conservative Liberal Party have suggested his support for a republic would be damaging to the government

How Asia can benefit as Trump presidency puts distance between Australia and the US


​Australian senator Penny Wong advocates stronger engagement in Asia in light of US president-elect’s inflammatory comments on the one-China policy

Australian republicans claim majority of MPs oppose monarchy


​A majority of Australian MPs want to break ties with the British monarchy, the nation's republican lobby claims.