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South Asia

India: Municipal Corporation of Delhi launces mobile application

ASIA PACIFIC DAILY | Fri,2017-06-09


By APD writer Rishika Chauhan

NEW DELHI, June 8 (APD) - The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will soon launch an app through which the people of Delhi will be able to access most of the municipal services using their smart phones.

The app will not only prove as a means of availing the facilities but by its use complaints could also be filed on a real-time basis. Currently, the three municipal corporations of Delhi are working together on the integrated mobile application.

Speaking to the media, a senior official from the Information Technology (IT) department said, “To being with, all services that are presently available online would be integrated on this mobile app. It included submitting of property tax, renewal of trade/health/ general licenses, downloading birth and death certificates, checking status of community hall and parks, etc. We will add other services over a period of time”.

Through a new feature called, ‘Whats Near Me’, residents will be able to find MCD parking spaces, hospitals and public/community toilets, near them and also know about the elected councilors from their area.

Official will be able to impose a fine on unauthorized hawkers and vendors who have set their shops on public land by sending them an SMS.

Mohanjeet Singh, the commissioner of MCD, stressed that the app would change the way the municipal corporation works and interacts with citizens in Delhi. He added, “It would be a customized app just like our website with common features for east, north and south Delhi”.

The app is expected to be available in the next two months.