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Sri Lanka President re-shuffles his cabinet, re-appoints nine ministers


Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena, on Monday re-shuffled his cabinet and appointed nine new ministers to key portfolios in order to strenghten his unity government.

Philippines rejects European grants


The Philippines will no longer accept grants from the European Union, the EU delegation to Manila said Thursday, following repeated tirades from President Rodrigo Duterte over its criticism of his deadly drug war.

India's ex-minister serving jail sentence passes Class 12 exam


A senior politician and four-term chief minister of the northern Indian state of Haryana currently serving jail term for corruption has passed Class 12 school examination at the age of 82.

At least 12 students commit suicide in central India over exam results


At least 12 students have committed suicide in the central Indian state of Madhya over examination results since Friday, a senior police official said Sunday.

Indian PM arrives in Sri Lanka to take part in Vesak celebrations


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Sri Lanka on Thursday evening to take part in the UN Vesak Day celebrations which are being held in the island country for the first time.

Afghanistan: IS gunmen dressed as medics kill 30 at Kabul military hospital


More than 30 people have been killed after attackers dressed as doctors stormed the largest military hospital in Kabul, Afghan officials say.

Arrests over rape of India orphans


Police in the southern Indian state of Kerala have arrested six people for allegedly raping teenage girls from an orphanage in Wayanad district.

Stranded Afghans queue to leave Pakistan


Thousands of stranded Afghans and Pakistanis have been queuing to get home after Pakistan temporarily opened two main border crossings.

India abortion: Police find 19 female foetuses


Police in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have found 19 aborted female foetuses near a hospital.

Afghan family detained in US despite visas set for release


Members of an Afghan family who were detained in the US despite having valid entry visas will be released on Monday, their lawyer has said.