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Korean Peninsula

South Korea names new defense minister to counter DPRK threat

REUTERS | Mon,2017-06-12


South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Sunday nominated a former navy chief as his defense minister, the presidential office said, as the government faces challenges tackling the DPRK's rapidly developing weapons program.

The nominee, Song Young-moo, was well suited to deal with DPRK's nuclear and missile threat, the presidential Blue House office said.

The DPRK test-launched a new type of its cruise anti-ship missiles on Thursday, its fourth missile test since Moon took office on May 10, pledging to engage in dialogue with Pyongyang.

Song, who served in the navy for more than three decades, was Moon's main security adviser during his presidential campaign, reprising his role in Moon's 2012 presidential campaign.

As a decorated veteran, Song took part in a 2009 skirmish between two countries’ naval vessels off the western coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Song's appointment does not need parliament's approval, but he must attend a hearing and answer questions from lawmakers.


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